Our chicken house holds a flock of Icelandic Landrace chickens which descend directly from chickens brought by the Vikings to Iceland in 874 CE. These birds have an excellent ability to withstand cold and lay beautiful cream-coloured eggs all year round.  Their favourite treats are sardines in sunflower oil and crickets.

Chickens can be adopted for $20 per year.  Adopting a chicken gives you the right to a dozen fresh eggs and a visit to our chicken house Chateau Poule.


Bert is a Standard Donkey who came to us as a farm animal with very little human interaction. After a year of training, Bert now holds the rank of Sergeant and is an integral part of our therapy program. Bert is the dominant animal in the pasture and is extremely intelligent.  Bert's favourite treats are Japanese Daikon, carrots, and mint.  He dislikes Kale and Spinach.

Bert can be adopted for $150 per year and that gets you an "I Love Bert" tee.



Neco (Nee-ko) is a Mule. Mules are a hybrid species. Neco’s father was a donkey and his mother was a Red Roan Horse. Neco was rescued from a bad situation and has suffered a great deal of trauma in the past. He loves to be around people, but doesn’t want them to get too close. Neco's favourite treats are Japanese Daikon, carrots, apples, and lettuce. He dislikes beets and banannas.

Neco can be adopted for $150 per year and that gets you an "I love Neco" tee.

Individual Donations

  • A donation of 25 dollars pays for 1 veteran to attend art therapy.
  • A donation of 100 dollars pays for 1 hour of group therapy for 8 women.

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